Step 1. Type Username and Password from email on 8.31.15.

Step 2. Click Login

Step 3: Choose Painting Photo to Upload, Click Choose File Button.

Step 4: Locate your Painting Photo on your computer, example (blueSwallow.2.jpg).

Step 5: After you locate photo, click on photo, click on choose button.

Step 6: Your painting photo shows right of the Photo 1: Choose File button.

Step 6: Under Photo 1, (Caption:) - Type your Painting Name - by your Name - Price

Step 7: Click on Add Photos button, To add 5 paintings, repeat Steps 3 – 7.

Step 8: After clicking on Add Photos button, your Painting Photos will show on upload web page. Your painting to the right shows with File 1 Added.

Step 9: Click on Enter CTWS Online Exhibit.

Step 10: The viewgallery web page is displayed.

Step 11: Click on Exhibit Paintings Show to view the CTWS Online Exhibit.

Step 12: Click on Your Painting.

Step 13: This is Your Painting Big and Shows the Caption information.

Step 14: You can view Buyers Interested in Buying your Paintings. Click on View Buyers for your Paintings.

Step 15: Artist Buyers Contact shows buyers information.

Step 16: Buyers will leave Messages about your paintings.

Step 17: Click on Admin.

Step 18: You can Delect Your Painting in the Delect Artwork.

Step 19: You need to select your painting (ex. Blue Swallow), Click on Delect button.

Step 20:Artwork Your Painting (ex. Blue Swallow) Delected.

Step 21: Admin will let your Delect Buyers.

Step 22: Select the Buyer for your painting (ex. Blue Swallow), Click Delect button.

Step 23: Art Buyer for your painting has been Delected. (ex. Blue Swallow).

Step 24: This shows Your Painting on the Exhibit was Delected.

Step 25: Hope you enjoy being able to upload your paintings, view buyers interested in your paintings and being able to delect paintings and buyers.

* Since the admin page will delect what you do select, caution would be needed to delect only your paintings and buyers.