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CTWS Monthly Program

Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Artist: Trish PouPard - WW, SWA, SWS, TWS, SCWS, PWSA

Program: "Value Study Portraits"

Time: 9:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Location: Episcopal Church of the Holy Spirit

1624 Wooded Acres, Waco, Texas

First time guests attending our meetings are Free and Welcome!


Trish Poupard has been painting in transparent watercolor for 12 years with numerous acceptances into national and international exhibitions and many awards won. She is a self taught artist from the Dallas area.

Website: www.TrishPoupard.com
Phone: (626) 862-9869

Painting Portraits with Trish Poupard:

We will discuss:

1. Materials the preparation and painting process.
2. I will paint live as I demonstrate my techniques.
3. I will be taking questions on the project.
4. I strongly feel that an artist’s success lies in an ability to “see” lights colors, shapes, etc.
5. I chose the project to enable participants to fall in love with this simple method of painting portraits.

Attendees Supply List:

Watercolor Paper: 140 lb. cold pressed 100% cotton. I will be using 11x15 (quarter sheet) or larger. You may do 1/8 sheet 7.5 x 11 to fit the image size and for ease of printing at home.

Painting Board: not necessary since we won’t be needing to paint on a slant with this painting.
Wax Free Artist’s Graphite Transfer Paper: I use Sally’s Saral which is water miscible and erasable. If you’ve never used this, I will have some used pieces for you to try out.

Mechanical pencil: HB lead in size 7 or 9. Or any stylus for transfer of image. I will bring some sharpened chopsticks to pass out, my favorite.

Subject: color copy printed. (Trish will bring copies for you to transfer to your watercolor paper. She will bring one for the photo reference, one for the value study and a double size reference to use for transferring. If you would like to also try your own subject, bring an enlarged color copy to fit your paper.)

Water Container: the largest you can manage so you don’t need to change it very often.

Mixing Palette or plastic white plate: I use paint dried into deep wells of a watercolor palette. I re-engage the paint with water before painting, waking up the palette. The paint brands I use are great at “re-wetting” since I don’t squeeze paint fresh from the tube each time I work on a painting.

Watercolor Paint: I use tubes of the following brands: Holbein, Daniel Smith, American Journey, Turner Professional (Jerry’s Artarama). Colors I will be using: Neutral Tint, Cerulean Blue, Hansa Lemon Yellow, Opera Red. (You may use whatever you have. I want to emphasize that you don’t need to buy anything special if you already have paints. We will use only 4 colors.)

Brushes: I will be using a variety for this painting: synthetic rounds size 6 and 8. Synthetic flat 1⁄2” or larger. Real or synthetic squirrel #12 round or oval wash (a thirsty brush). Different sizes of scrubbers. #4 rigger or a medium sword brush for wiggly uncontrolled lines.

Note from Trish: I will be bringing paper in case anyone needs a quarter sheet for $2. I will also have transfer paper, paints, and brushes to purchase if anyone needs it.

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